Run Across America on Trail 2012

Summer 2012 I became the first British Woman to run across America; 3302 miles in 80 days with no rest days; 720 hours of running from the Pacific coast of Washington State to the Atlantic coast of Delaware.

The idea came from my friend James, well his friend Mark actually. It’s now nearly a year on and James has run from LA to NY in this race; read all about it here in James Adams’ blog.  The rest of his blog is pretty good to read too, especially if you like running.

So Mark was supposed to run with James, but was injured, then mentioned he was thinking about doing a similar run but with some trail on part of the route – and I became interested. So I contacted the organiser and set about to try to become the first British woman* to run across the USA. The run’s website is here, for the route and details.

Using all or part of 20 rail and canal trails and 2000 miles of road, the Run Across America on Trail started on May 30, 2012. Following in the footsteps of the 1992-1995 TRANSAMs and the 2002 and 2004 Runs Across America, the Run Across America on Trail is also a stage run. The nearly 3360 mile route will take 80 days to run which works out to an average of 42 miles a day. The run starts at Twin  Harbors State Park in Washington and ends at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware at the eastern terminus of the American Discovery Trail.

Only 225 people have done this to date, 17 women.

My blog archive details everyday of the 80 day adventure, the lows and the highs over an incredible summer.

*Stats on trans US running are kept by Jonathan H Wallace III on his excellent website here. I have confirmation from him that according to his records only one British woman (actually Russian born) has crossed the US on foot – Barbara Moore walked it in 1960. 14 other Brits (all men) have made it.

6 responses to “Run Across America on Trail 2012

  1. Can that be right?!? 42 miles a day for 80 days – WOW that sounds totally incredible. Good luck on your adventure!!! Looking forward to reading all about it.

  2. Hi Jennifer – have really enjoyed reading your updates. I am really missing you at work already! It is the Jubilee Bank Holiday and bucketing with rain….
    I hope it goes well. Will keep checking your progress. Clara is fascinated and is loving reading it. She is so pleased when you get the chance to eat! She was worried about that… Donna

  3. Howdy, and Happy Trails.

  4. You told me about Madelines while I was biking alongside you–that they were a kind of cookie that you liked to bake. I stopped at Walgreen’s for eggs on the way home and just happened to see Madelines on the shelf–not looking for them–never having noticed them before–and not seeing them at another Walgreen’s when I stopped for milk today. I think that is a cool coincidence. I’ll have to look up a recipe and give them a go. It was great to get a chance to hear about your adventure. You and Mike and your crews are AMAZING!!!!!!!!

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